British Lunch

Victoria.Sponge.YumMy girlfriend’s nanny is so awesome when it comes to working with kids.  She and her husband are from the UK and I thought it’d be a nice gesture to make her family a “British Lunch” this past Sunday.  Her Dad and Mum are visiting from the UK as well and I thought I’d get some pretty good feedback from them on how well it turned out.

I found Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie’s Great Britain” cookbook ( and used that for inspiration and guidance.  The measurement for each recipe are in American Standard which help with the metric conversions I thought I’d need to do.  So, that gives the book a few stars to begin with.

The menu.

Empire Chicken, Superb Pork Loin, King of Mash : Irish Champ, Victoria Sponge, and Welsh Cakes

Everyone ate a lot, and although the desserts were chilled to keep them somewhat fresh, everyone appeared to enjoy the food and commented nicely.  We finished up dessert with a nice tawny port, very delish!

I was really happy to do this for someone that gives so much on a daily basis, I’m looking forward to doing something like this again sometime soon too, maybe if it’s even to serve a Victoria Sponge moments after taking it out of the oven.

So much yum!



4 thoughts on “British Lunch

    • I had this really killer fondue, or thought it was – and boogered it up – I was pissed, but my British friends so I just put on my best host face and pretended it didn’t matter. I mean it’s like – Gordon Ramsey probably had a few disasters in his kitchen, yeah?

      It’s funny now.

      I’ll give the fondue another go sometime in the future. And the Victoria Sponge (capital ‘S’) I’m making again for a dessert afternoon; coffee, beer, and port. Ah, so yum, can’t wait!


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