First and foremost, these blog entries in no way reflects the views of my employer, they are my own attempts at keeping things simple – a place to store, share, and organize a few of my thoughts.


I work for a large Florida company, and I’m a technologist during the day which I’ve enjoyed doing for a while now.  I’ll never post anything related to my job unless it educated me in some way.


I have three beautiful daughters, two grand-daughters, one grand-son which do a great job helping me remember to keep things in perspective.


I am hopelessly addicted to all kinds of music, when I hear something I’ve not heard before it stops me dead in my tracks – I will miss a train, be late for a meeting (or a meal) to experience some new music. I am also a hard-core-mediocre musician. I have been playing some kind of guitar since I was eight years old. I never had lessons and my earliest memories are my father’s younger brother teaching me three cords on a guitar – G, C, D one night at our house in Detroit. I’ve been sold ever since – music changes everything – everything. I have new, old, and weird music racing through my mind’s turntables. I’ll share some of it if I think it adds value to a post.


I think my pictures don’t suck. I use a Canon 60D and my smartphone for pictures and video. What pictures I do have I’ll post on the ‘Photography’ page – pictures can freeze time. I like putting time in jar, or on in a post. I absolutely love the way folks interpret a picture they share – kind of like looking at a cupcake and feel completely justified in saying – “that cupcake looks like my dog’s face. Really?! Oh, yeah I see it!” Maybe I don’t but its still a cool cupcake.


I’m way too picky about food, and even worse on food service. I love great food. Don’t we all, especially from those out of the way places and food trucks that are own foodie secrets we keep. I will pay three prices for food done right, even better if I’m helping close friends experience for the first time.

Black Beauty

My daily driver -a 2012 Harley Davidson Wide Glide.  I’ll definitely be sprinkling things about adventures on the roads, near and far.  Look for some tips to help other riders and cage-drivers, stay a bit more safe when we’re sharing the road.

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