EULA. First and foremost, these blog entries in no way reflects the views of my employer, they are my own attempts at keeping things simple – a place to store, share, and organize a few of my thoughts.

tech.Tact.Doh(). I work for a large entertainment company in the South Eastern portion of the US. I also support a local .NET User Group as well, and attend a local coding DOJOs when time allows. I will never post anything related to my job unless its something that educated me. You might think it’s funny or useful as well. Lots of face-palms, bad code, and ephiphanies here, or something that I figured out and don’t want to forget – think gi-normous old fashion clipboard.

Family. I have three beautiful children, one grand-daughter, one grand-son, and one grand-dog that help remind me to keep things in perspective.

Music. I am hopelessly addicted to all kinds of music, when I hear something I’ve not heard before it stops me dead in my tracks – I will miss a train, be late for a meeting (or a meal) to experience some new music. I am also a hard-core-mediocre musician. I have been playing some kind of guitar since I was eight years old. I never had lessons and my earliest memories are my father’s younger brother teaching me three cords on a guitar – G, C, D one night at our house in Detroit. I’ve been sold ever since – music changes everything – everything. I’ve new, old, and weird music racing through my minds turntables. I’ll share most of it, I’m not into reviewing stuff for the iTunes of this world that crowdsource reviews to boost ratings.

Photography. I think my pictures don’t suck. I’ve lost a boatload of old photos that I loved (stupid), and now that I want to start collating them and taking more I can’t find them and my main digital camera was stolen a few years ago (too picky to find it’s replacement); my only cameras now are the camera on my Windows Phone 8 ( @ the time of this post) and my Canon 60D – and probably will be for a while. What pictures I do have I’ll post on the ‘Photography’ page – pictures can freeze those changes in time, or more so freeze time. I like putting time in jar, or on a blog. I have folks that send me photos and who don’t post them anywhere, I’ll put them up too. I absolutely love the way folks interpret a picture they share – kind of like looking at a cupcake and feel completely justified in saying – “that cupcake looks like my dog’s face. Really?! Oh, yeah I see it!” Maybe I don’t but its still a cool cupcake.

Food. I’m way too picky about food, and even worse on food service. I love great food. Don’t we all, especially from those out of the way places and food trucks that are own foodie secrets we keep. I will pay three prices for food done right, even better if I’m helping close friends experience for the first time.


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