Natural Florida Color

In a previous post, I mentioned a ride I took out to see some “Old Florida”, I was visiting Circle B Bar Reserve.  Quite a bit of foot traffic for walkers, hikers, photographers, and birders along with a momentary gaze into what a large portion of our state looked like in another time.

Even with poor lighting, on my walk I took about ~100 shots, and paired it down to just a few.  I can see much better photo ops with morning light – it’s on the list now.

2018-01-14 15.38.06

Anhinga (more here)

2018-01-14 15.38.25

2018-01-14 15.40.572018-01-14 15.48.362018-01-14 15.55.522018-01-14 15.58.552018-01-14 15.52.472018-01-14 15.54.27

2018-01-14 16.01.11

Hmm… not sure.

2018-01-14 15.50.54

Purple Galinule

2018-01-14 15.46.12

Snowy Egret

2018-01-14 15.47.58

Great Blue Heron

Weekly Photo Challenge : Texture

A few different textures going on here… as soon as I walked by this “frame in my mind” I thought, how cool does this look?! This is a power box located next to a light rail depot in Winter Park Florida (think Mayberry RFD) – great town, very photogenic.

I thought the stand the box is on looked like driftwood, and the box itself has had probably a dozen coats of spray paint.  The grass looked new, but the trees (AFAIK) are as old as the city.



Cookie Dough Anyone?

I decided to crack open the chocolate chip cookie recipe today.  I used some of my advice on how to smooth out the flow of getting things into the mixing bowl, onto the cookie sheet, out of the oven and onto the cooling rack.

Today, the camera’s flash wanted to keep firing.  I ended up letting it fire and just covered it with my hand rather than stopping to figure it out.  Maybe later.   If you have a Kitchen Aid mixer, you have this recipe, it’s pretty straightforward.  My QC crew definitely liked the raw cookie dough so this might be the one to use for a while until I find another one or change this one after I get more experience.  Oh, we have two or three tablespoons of chocolate cookie dough left over for a snack later on tonight, or maybe for breakfast tomorrow, the QC team hasn’t decided yet.

Here are the pictures from today’s adventure…  right now I’m waiting on the oven to finish cooking a roast so I can start on a wheat bread recipe this evening.  We’re hoping to use it in our own version of Carrabba’s herb-olive dip recipe


2014-06-21 16.25.43

Clear, with a chance of meatballs

Yesterday evening I tried to make the meatball hors d’oeuvres I mentioned in a previous post, and did.  It took much longer than I thought, but that’s fine.  I stilled learned more about the Kitchen Aid and using a camera while I’m cooking.  It’s hard and something to get used to.

The ideas I came up with were to stage the ingredients and use a tripod and reposition the camera around the kitchen as things “get done” or prepared.  The tripod comes in to the picture (pun intended) for the next recipe.

The Metro Beater Blade works awesome on this stuff as well, didn’t need a spatula and clean-up was a breeze.  The meat grinding attachment doesn’t do well with fat, so trim off as much as you can before you grind it into ground beef.  Your mixer will have a much easier time and you won’t waste 15 minutes trying to clean out the die before you can even wash it.  The mixer still did an outstanding job.

My phone ended up taking the photos below and the face of the phone is quite gross as well, but it did do the trick