Natural Florida Color

In a previous post, I mentioned a ride I took out to see some “Old Florida”, I was visiting Circle B Bar Reserve.  Quite a bit of foot traffic for walkers, hikers, photographers, and birders along with a momentary gaze into what a large portion of our state looked like in another time.

Even with poor lighting, on my walk I took about ~100 shots, and paired it down to just a few.  I can see much better photo ops with morning light – it’s on the list now.

2018-01-14 15.38.06

Anhinga (more here)

2018-01-14 15.38.25

2018-01-14 15.40.572018-01-14 15.48.362018-01-14 15.55.522018-01-14 15.58.552018-01-14 15.52.472018-01-14 15.54.27

2018-01-14 16.01.11

Hmm… not sure.

2018-01-14 15.50.54

Purple Galinule

2018-01-14 15.46.12

Snowy Egret

2018-01-14 15.47.58

Great Blue Heron