2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

    • While John Ringling (and his brothers) were running their share of circus world John Ringling began to amass art and furnishings from all over world, as his wife liked to travel, then went to many parts of the world.

      Before he died effectively bankrupt he willed all of his property to the city Sarasota so it couldn’t be taken or removed. The museum that he and his wife built during the great depression houses 1/5 of the collection he left. It is quite an amazing collection too, its value is estimated to be in the billions, it wasn’t clear that anyone knows for sure.

      Ca’D’Zan (House of John) is situated next door to the museum and was the winter home for his wife, and himself for only three years before she passed. The architecture of the home is quite stunning to say the least, so if you ever pass through Florida, stop in Sarasota, there are some amazing beaches there as well.


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