Hot Plate



Recently I’ve been told that I shift my friends onto different “burners”.  How is that possible?  My friends are, and have been, linear.  They all follow the same linear access we have to each other.  The statement someone shared recently that pushed a pin in my mind related to this, maybe not directly, maybe indirectly, was how linear other friends are to everyone else right now.  Some, or most of it depending on our situations, might have fluctuated, a bit, but it may have.


So now the linear graph has changed and we’re inviting more people to be part of our circle.  Maybe at a deeper level than the folks in our normal circles.  And quite possibly when you reached out, you felt something different when they responded.  Maybe it turned into a conversation.  A long one, one that you’d have hoped would have happened sooner – but it waited until now.  That’s okay.  Reach into them, pull that energy you feel, it will make you feel amazing.  Granted, others are still on the linear queue, but you are worth the wait.  We all are, but it takes time.


I’m a bit complicated, and this linear line works for me.  So my point here is, if they invent a hot plate with 6, 10, or 12 burners in a single line, it might buy one.  But please use any analogy of your choice.  Friends are not plates we keep spinning on a stick – if they are a friend who just feels you and (still) gets your vibe (especially now) they’ve not changed since you last shared a coffee, wine, beer, or whatever you shared with them last time.  And no matter when you reach out, their plate will still be spinning.  They all matter – if you haven’t you should reach out and make sure they are still okay, no matter where they live.