Starting With Another Clean Slate

Now, it’s time to write some unit tests before I get to amp’d up on this stuff.  I was poking around the object models for some of the Azure types looking for interfaces I could use for some of the method signatures and it reminded me that I don’t need to test the stuff I don’t control – just the stuff I code, right?  Reminds me of the days when I was trying to do some SharePoint development; there weren’t many ways to mock out some types in my unit tests.  I’ll either wrap them which doesn’t sound quite right or just wait until I write a few integration tests so I’m not “boiling the ocean” to trying and test every-single-thing.

The other opportunity here is most of the media services can’t use the local storage for testing with the exception of blob storage – so I’ll be using the local blob storage for a few tests, but most of the other hoop jumping will be done while making calls on the native media services on Azure.  I did this in the last project I worked on, and the benefit is that when you’re using both local, and remote services, it’ll keep you on your toes for keeping your configuration pointers sorted out.

Here’s what solution layout looks like right now.

MediaService Solution Layout


I’m completely expecting types and names and other goo to change, but this is where I’m at today.  More fun tomorrow.

HTH / oFc