Chickenfoot III

Chickenfoot III – If any of my peers are reading this they are probably cringing at this moment, but I liked most of their debut disc, this one is better and I think a bit better writing went into this.  I’ve read a few reviews about this disc and I agree with their comments, all is good if you can just bear Sammy, I’m not sure he’s the “Red Rocker” any more.  He’s still a screamer and the harmonies are still there from time to time, but the juice from this album is definitely coming from the rhythm and strings sections.

“Up Next” starts off with a rock groove that just, well, it rocks.  Follows the same groove until the solo, the Joe just comes unglued – it’s awesome.

Michael Anthony’s playing is subtle but very solid.  On this and the first discs he’s killin’ with Chad, and harmonizes guitars with Joe so well, all the while still staying locked with Chad – yeah, I know he’s had a lot of practice and played with some great players, but he’s definitely not letting anything slip.

The experience might be totally different in concert, but I think these guys will be a great studio band until they decide to stop wanted to make music, right now it doesn’t sound like that at all.