A Bunch of Really Smart Guys

I’m working on web site for a local developer group here in Orlando.  We met last Saturday to talk about plans for how the site is going to be rebuilt by grease-boarding some brainstorms, as well as a peer review of some of the stuff that some of the developers have been doing.

I’ve been very impressed by these guys since they stepped up for this community effort and although we’ve had some spirited discussions about technology, we always land on our zeros and ones.

Orlando Code Camp Home Page

Orlando Code Camp Home Page

A little Christmas, a little early

Yesterday, my Software Craftsmanship calendar arrived from the folks @ NimblePros.  Now you can have a daily reminder about YAGNI, DRY, DI, or simple things like waste reminders.

Here’s mine, positioned next to the grease board so hopefully when we’re brainstorming we can keep some of these simple principles involved in what we’re doing.

Ever wonder when Edsger W. Dijkstra was born?  Me, neither him but he and other notable contributors to our craft are mentioned each months.

Order your own, or one for a c0-worker that needs a reminder for what month it is, or should be.