Dancing Through Another Door


This year my youngest daughter is getting married.  She asked me to pick the song for our Father-Daughter Dance at the reception.  I’m the music snob of the family, so I’m thinking, I-have-so-got-this!  Right?!

Not so much. It took about a month of listening to the rest of the world’s suggestions, combing through my own library on every device I own that holds music. Finally, I narrowed it down to 9 songs for her to choose from.  I realized I couldn’t pick a favorite, so we’ll work together to narrow it down further.

Below is the playlist running off Spotify.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

 In Between Orlando and CincinnatiThis week I decided to spend the week after Christmas and New Years with my daughters in Ohio.  So today I’m  traveling and when I took this picture I was somewhere in between point “A” and point “B”.  I’ve really been looking forward to this trip, as are my daughters and my grand-daughter.  Should be a blast.  Happy New Year everyone!