Black Beauty Rides Again…

Well, it’s not like she’s been off the road for a while but with all of the rain last week I just thought I’d be safer and not challenge the elements and wait.  And the wait was so worth it.  I mapped out a ride down yesterday morning with a burger stop in Lakeland – it was a great ride!  Here are the details:  This should be a public page, sorry if it’s not but it may be b/c it’s part of the Harley Owners Group Ride Planner site.

About 1/2 way to Lakeland I had to stop to clean the love bugs off my helmet.  It was pretty bad, and nasty but ’tis the season here in Florida.  My bike was pretty covered in them as well but it just needs a quick bath and it’ll be good as new.  The ride was just over 100 miles and it was such a great day of riding.  Great for clearing out your mind and enjoying the beautiful state of FL.