Just like Favre…

I broke my streak for being consecutive, but I admit I did not send any (alleged) racy texts to any folks in the process.  Yesterday was good and bad.  It was my shop’s New Year’s holiday so it was my last holiday off.  I had really high expectations for the day and then about 9:30 a.m. I picked up my first sinus headache of the year.  My sinus headaches really suck, I’m sure everyone else’s will too, but not on my last day off.

So I still managed to finish a book and skim through one that I’ll never finish but tied together a few thoughts.  The thoughts I had were to figure out how to tie my goals to collaboration.  I don’t think I’m a great collaborator as in Lewis & Clark, Martin & Lewis, Laurel & Hardy, where they churned out real team work in their own works.

I look more like a mentor that needs someone to teach a hard lesson in the field that I work in.  And I don’t truly believe that anyone in my circles of influence care about the hard lessons, not yet anyway.  Something has to hit the fan before that happens.

So one idea I had been to be my own mentor.  After asking myself what seemed hundreds of times on how to do this over my holiday break, I figured out a way that might work.  If I ask myself what could be the worst thing that could happen with this or that thing in my work.: Final answer.: Inspire Yourself Daily

Sinus headache still sucks today, and I’ll post again tonight, it’ll be like giving Favre a chance to play another game in a different timezone to keep the streak alive, only without retiring.

Don’t Confuse Motion With Progress

Sometimes I create the movement I want to experience on project or task I’m working on. It feels good to move that big fat rock up the hill once in a while. A Peter Drucker quote I read a few days ago sums it up (the title of this post).

But today I realized all of the motion or movement doesn’t always cause the rock to move. And I also realized today (tonight actually) you may need the help of a perfect stranger to move the rock even though you possess the strength and the will. This was from watching “The King’s Speech”.

Shiny Brand New Year

I had an awesome time bringing in the New Year with friends, family, and of course more food. One of the thoughts or more specifically I had last night was from my grandmother – her message, “don’t stop moving”.

So this year I’m going to just try to keep moving and stay moving. So I’ll say to you the same thing I told myself on the way home last night, don’t let this year zip by the way the last one did.

HNY to you and yours!