The Community Steps Up, Big Time!

Three weeks ago the leader of my local .NET User Group were having problems landing a speaker for our meeting which took place last night.  I guess there’s some type of lull in the activity for speakers because we usually don’t have a speaker drought anytime in the year, until this month.

So my big campaign for the user group when I was interviewing for a board position was “Putting community back in the group”.  I put a lot of stuff on the table and this was one of them.  When I stepped in we already had a huge list of speakers choose from, and the group was getting ready for some fairly large product introductions (we also call them drops).  Our existing tools were changing and new tools were being introduced.  The speakers help sew up the gaps in our understanding of what we don’t know since depending on the speaker it’s usually their forte.

Last night we had three community speakers step up and talk about their passion and they did very well in fact.  Vastly different topics (GPU data processing, VIM/Auto-Hot-Key for keeping your hands off the mouse, and an authentication talk using pluggable providers-OAuth, OpenId, etc.  All very well thought out and presented, and I heard many compliments to the speakers on the topic and delivery.

Last night we definitely put the community back in the group, big time.