Building a product backlog

Today I met with another user group member to discuss building a product backlog for a small community project we are starting to tackle. We do have a hard date to meet, but the scope isn’t very large and we have a very willing and able group to handle the work.

The best part about today was wearing the product owners’ hat a little bit and trying to talk and phrase things like them. Let me tell you this it was not easy to take off my developer hat this morning to try and finish this task. By the end of the day we had stopped talking about clicking buttons and UI and service components.

We got the gist of the stories into a Given-When-Then flow so we can move them into SpecFlow to give us a chance to use SpecFlow and our test tool of choice. There are 6 of us in the group and plenty more who are interested in getting involved in Agile. So it would be nice to drive small projects from time to time to reinforce some of principles, practice, and patterns.

The group is going to meet-up next weekend to continue the work and discussion. I also upgraded my AgileZen to help us capture the stories and help with the sprint planning. The team is very distributed but it may help with our weekly “sit-ups” online. Looks like fun and feels like fun so far, hopefully it wil be.